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Bernardo Santos


Bernardo Santos is a 21 year old On-screen character who hails from London. He was initially conceived in Lisbon, Portugal. He communicates in Portuguese, English and Spanish fluidly. Bernardo has been on different Element Movies and television Arrangement, for example, Tomb Plunderer, Seeker Executioner, The Crown Season 2 and Farewell Christopher Robin. Granted Short Movies like for example Jimbo, Procured Swords And The Sucker Weapon and We should Arrange An Occasion. Music Recordings like Life is a struggle, Broken Bond, Astounding and Christmas Ordinary. In front of an audience performing Macbeth as Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet as Mercutio, Rami in Merc cherishes Romeo and some more. Documentaries, for example, "Insider facts Of The SAS In Their Own Words" on Station 5 playing one of the lead Warriors, SAS Trooper Trak, "Englands Deadliest Beaus" on the Disclosure Channel playing the lead character Hugo Quintas on Ep.6. Spotlight Stick: 2852-0163-7950 He won Most Encouraging Performing artist of the Year 2015 by StarCentral Magazine.


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