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When we are young, we sometimes feel that the world is stacked against us. This is the case for 16 year-old Steeve Simard (Lévi Doré), who is entering his last year at Gaston-Miron High School in St-Lambert. A cynical intellectual with a critical view of himself and the world, he struggles to establish bonds with his parents and peers. He only has one friend: Virgil (Jonathan St-Armand). In order to evade his loneliness and fill a void in his imagination, he seeks refuge in his books and music. However, an incident with the star of the Spartans football team, will force Steeve to come out of his shell and face his destiny…
When you’re young, sometimes it feels like the whole world is against you. At least, that how sixteen-year-old Steeve Simard (Lévi Doré) feels. He has begun his last year of high school at suburban Gaston-Miron High. Sharp-witted and bookish, he has a hard time relating to his parents and to other students. He hides behind his books and music, keeping the world out, except for his one friend Virgile (Jonathan St-Armand). But an incident involving the Spartan’s Linebacker, the biggest guy in school, will force him to take charge of his own destiny.

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It’s the story of a teen and his struggles in the last year of high school.

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Sometimes High School can be a blast but sometimes, it feels like Hell

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For imdb info of La Chute de Sparte movie download free HD please click on the link.Popularity of movie is about 0.961.Total vote count of a movie is 33 .IMDB rating of La Chute de Sparte is 7.2 .

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In movie La Chute de Sparte role playing is as,Lévi Doré as Steeve,Jonathan St-Armand as Virgile,Lili-Ann De Francesco as Véronique,Karl Walcott as Giroux,Simon Duchesne as Latreille,Marianne Farley as Mère de Steeve,Gabriel Sabourin as Père de Steeve,Devon O’Connor as St-Amour,Amélie Glenn as Chloé,Jean-Marc Généreux as Paulin,Gabriel Tremblay as Savard,Charles-Antoine Perreault as Walker,Eric K. Boulianne as Frédérick,Jean-Charles Lajoie as .

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